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University of Macau Asset Management System


The University of Macau has campuses in both mainland Macau and Hengqin, Zhuhai. The two campuses have a large variety of teaching equipment, computers, and books, and they are widely distributed. This has caused the tracking, auditing, and inventory management of these physical objects to be seriously lagging behind. The growing needs of the school.

In 2014, after the person in charge of the school’s asset management raised the above questions, our company recommended a fixed asset management system with cross-regional, large data capacity, support for barcode and RFID identification and other characteristics.

From June 2014 to present, the asset management system is playing an active role. Not only does it manage a total of more than 800,000 equipment and books in Macau and the Zhuhai campus, through the system, it also realizes the data sharing of assets throughout the University of Macau, dynamic tracking of the entire asset life cycle, and improved inventory accuracy. Reduce the time required for inventory. Completely solve the problems encountered before the system.

One. Solution

This program uses bar codes to identify various assets and books in the two campuses of the University of Australia in Hengqin and Macau. Through the system to manage assets and books from procurement, warehousing, requisition, transfer, depreciation, scrap, inventory and other businesses. All the data generated in these businesses can be traced through bar codes. When taking inventory, a handheld barcode collector is used to scan the barcode to check with the asset ledger in the system, which reduces the error rate of manual inventory and improves the efficiency of inventory.

2. Process application diagram

Three, application diagram

Four. Application value and benefit analysis

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