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AMS Smart Asset Management


Carry out customized secondary development according to customers' individual needs


RFID tags, smart code scanning guns and antennas are integrated and imported enterprise asset big data at the same time, and finally help enterprises realize flexible asset scheduling in automation


By introducing more intelligent warehousing robots, VIT strengthens the intelligent hub of smart warehousing and explores a new stage of unmanned warehousing.

Smart asset management

The most advanced and practical automatic identification technology (RFID) is used to collect asset data of enterprises and institutions, and electronic tags are used as asset identification. The system greatly improves the work efficiency of the asset management department, effectively traces and manages the use and circulation of fixed assets, and realizes efficient operation and management of the entire life cycle of assets.

System advantages

Asset tracking location and search

Automated inventory

Asset pictures can automatically assist account verification

Flexible asset management strategy

Multi-system interface available

Automatically generate asset annual reports

Application benefits

Significantly reduce management costs

Significantly improve the inventory effect

Daily management

More convenient and easier

The ledger matches the physical object by more than 99%

Real-time tracking of asset status

RFID application advantages



Let’s brainstorm,
for example:

Smart Fire RFID Fixed Asset Management Solution

We will integrate 13 years of accumulated experience in automatic identification applications and management, combined with advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology, into the application of the fire department, and develop a “intelligent fire RFID fixed asset management program” to assist the fire department to manage the fixed assets accurately, quickly and efficiently. assets.

Smart Airport RFID Fixed Asset Management Solution

Quickly identify and determine the location through RFID technology, radio frequency identification and intelligent search for assets, the specific location of the device can be quickly determined by the volume of sound, and the department and status of the device can be viewed intelligently and intuitively.

Liquor RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability application program

The distribution or retailer’s site is equipped with anti-counterfeiting traceability terminals for merchants and customers. The RFID label of wine bottles can be automatically and non-contacted through the RFID induction area on the Kiosk terminal to quickly observe the inspection results and establish a fast, convenient and user-friendly The application model can better establish the credit and image of the business and enhance the trust of customers.