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VIT Smart Warehousing​

Application of automated three-dimensional warehouse and management system, intelligent unitized storage equipment, smart shelves, etc., can obtain various attribute information of materials through smart terminals using radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared induction, laser scanning and other technologies, and trace it back in the factory ’S flow. At the same time, the integration of smart warehousing systems with enterprise management ERP, smart manufacturing MES and other systems makes the management information of high-end manufacturing companies’ material in and out of warehouses, precise cargo location management and other related management information transparent, and can effectively monitor the warehouse operation process, space and time. Manage, trace and open up the information flow between warehouse management and high-end intelligent manufacturing site management.


VIT Smart Assets​

The most advanced and practical automatic identification technology (RFID) is adopted to collect asset data of enterprises and institutions and supports electronic tags as asset identification. The system greatly improves the work efficiency of the asset management department, effectively traces and manages the use and circulation of fixed assets, and realizes efficient operation and management of the entire life cycle of assets.


VIT Smart Retail Service

Take smart marketing service system as the core, and integrate enterprise customer relationship management, commercial marketing development, data operation services and other systems, through efficient and accurate scanning of goods and RFID technology to integrate location information to complete inventory robots, equipped with VIP customer databases and smart marketing The core product of the large-screen interactive robot of the service system is to build a more efficient smart retail solution based on cloud database.


VIT Smart Epidemic Prevention

Contains three modules of “mobile terminal, monitoring terminal, and data terminal”. Aiming at the core pain points of digital anti-epidemic and post-epidemic management, it uses artificial intelligence and big data to achieve all-round, accurate temperature measurement without dead ends Coverage, as well as cloud data platform deployment, monitoring, and visitor/attendance/access control management, fully guarantee the smooth restart of management, production, and operation of government departments, enterprises, institutions, schools, communities and other places.