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Macau Dashengli RFID Warehouse Management System


Tai Shengli Department Store Co., Ltd. is the largest department store operating company in Macau. The quantity of goods received and dispatched in its warehouse is very large, and the manpower and material resources spent on goods registration, verification, and statistics are considerable. How to improve the efficiency of warehouse goods receipt and delivery and reduce the labor cost of business processing needs to be taken seriously by managers.

When receiving goods every day, Dashengli Department Store takes the board as the unit. When the goods arrive at the warehouse entry and exit points, workers will count the types and quantities of the goods. How to quickly complete the check and registration of goods entering and shipping is a difficult problem that managers need to solve urgently.

In 2009, through the investigation of its business process, our company recommended that the warehouse of Dashengli Department Store should introduce a management method combining bar code and RFID automatic identification technology to improve the speed of receiving and sending goods and reduce the manpower invested in this area. Resources.

One. Solution

A. Match the barcode with the RFID tag of the pallet when entering the warehouse:

B. Install fixed reading and writing equipment at the entry and exit points for automatic collection and verification of incoming and outgoing goods:

II. Device connection diagram

Three, system advantages

The electronic tag has a long life, maintenance-free, unique design, and can be well embedded in the pallet, and it is not easy to be impacted and worn during the transportation of the pallet.

Electronic tags can be repeatedly written into data, which is conducive to solving warehousing and logistics problems such as pallet cargo adjustment and assembly. The tags can be recycled, which greatly saves user costs.

The system realizes long-distance recognition, fast and reliable reading and writing, can adapt to dynamic reading, and meets the needs of modern warehouse logistics.