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Macau Finance Bureau RFID Parking Lot Management


App background

The parking lot of the Macau Finance Bureau has 7 floors, with 19 parking spaces on each floor; the Finance Bureau can drive about 500 employees to work. When parking resources are in short supply, parking management methods are not in place, resulting in frequent occurrences of difficult parking, vacant parking, and management difficulties at the same time, which affects the normal commuting time of employees in the bureau.


Through the introduction of RFID automatic identification technology, combined with the system, the correct use of parking spaces can be monitored. The number and location of parked vehicles can be automatically read and checked and exported to ensure safe and smooth parking in the parking lot, and ultimately improve the management efficiency and service of the parking lot. quality.

A. Carry out parking inspection on selected floors

B. Inspect parking on selected floors

C. Check the details of parked vehicles

In order to improve the above situation, in 2011, the Macau Finance Bureau cooperated with our company to introduce advanced RFID automatic identification application technology to strengthen the management and monitoring of parking spaces. Now, through the system, the staff can monitor the correct use of parking spaces in real time, to ensure the safe and smooth parking order, and improve the management efficiency and service quality of the parking lot.