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Nanguang Group Frozen Warehouse Management System


The frozen warehouse of Macau Nanguang Group Gufeng Distribution Company is Macau’s largest frozen meat product processing and distribution company. It has two large warehouses; there are more than 1,000 varieties of goods and more than 30,000 items in inventory. The warehouse is used to store various frozen meats, such as various imported lamb, beef, chicken, etc. After Gufeng Distribution Company receives customer orders on its ERP, it will ship from the warehouse according to the orders. Before the system was put on the system, the warehouse adopted the traditional management mode, and all actions such as receiving, shipping, and inventorying were all manual operations. Gufeng Freezer is a special warehouse with the following characteristics:

1. The temperature in the warehouse is lower than -18°C, which is easy to frost;

2. The warehouse has a large amount of goods, and there will be up to a thousand different kinds of goods;

3. Warehouse shipments are large and scattered;

4. The two warehouses are located in different locations, and the warehouse area is large;

5. Manual work, large errors and difficult to trace;

In 2012, the relevant person in charge of the department contacted us, hoping to solve various problems encountered in the warehouse by introducing bar code and identification technology, such as:

1. Able to seamlessly connect with the existing ERP to integrate purchasing, warehousing, and sales into a closed loop;

2. Improve the accuracy of warehouse management, and be able to accurately control the outbound, inbound and inventory of goods;

3. Improve the speed and accuracy of warehouse receipt and shipment;

4. Improve the speed and accuracy of warehouse inventory;

5. Real-time traceability of goods, strict control of the quality and safety of goods;

Non-quantitative label

Bill of lading

1. Solution

Through a large number of research and related product tests in the early stage, based on the communication and experimentation with the management staff of Gufeng Company, sales staff, warehouse management staff, incoming and outgoing operators, delivery staff, etc., it was decided to adopt the following methods to form a frozen warehouse integration solution:

1. Use special freezing labels that can be used below -18°C to identify each cargo;

2. Use an industrial-grade PDA with a temperature below -18°C as a tool for loading, outgoing, and inventory operations;

3. WIFI coverage in the warehouse, data communication can be carried out anytime and anywhere;

4. Increase the speed of goods receipt: Adopt the principle of different treatment between quantitative and non-quantitative goods. After the introduction of PDA to collect supplier information, the system will directly generate data, print batch barcodes wirelessly or print single goods barcodes via Bluetooth, and directly after pallet barcodes Bulk purchase;

5. Improve the delivery speed: According to the bill of lading, suggest the location and the suggested goods, and pick them out directly;

6. Procurement sub-warehouse rolling inventory mode, to solve the embarrassing mode of inventory must be closed;

7. Establish a seamless docking mechanism directly with ERP to form an integrated management.

(2). Implementation network structure diagram

3. Schematic diagram of field application

Four, application characteristics

1. Graphical main control interface

2. Beautiful and generous document output

3. Simple and convenient PDA operation

Five, application effect