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Automatic sign-in system for the election of the chief executive of Macau


In 2009, we provided RFID solutions for the automatic admission and sign-in management of members of the Macau Chief Executive. When a member of Parliament walks to the entrance of the election venue, the RFID device automatically senses the member’s work card. If it is a member who has the right to vote, the identity of the member will be displayed on the LED screen, and relevant information will be broadcasted in the hall broadcast, and a lady of manners will come out to greet.

The system has been highly praised by the Macau SAR government. It not only allowed the councillors to experience the convenience brought by the development of high-tech, but also demonstrated their distinguished status on the spot.

One. Solution

At the entrance of the selected venue, a fixed RFID reader is installed for real-time reading of the ID card of the parliamentarian passing by. After reading the information through the system analysis, it is broadcasted in real time and the member’s name and position are displayed on the display inside the venue, which is convenient for the on-site staff to guide the members to seat quickly. At the same time, the system automatically completes the sign-in action of the member.

Two, application diagram

Taiheyuan Warehouse Management Application

Project Background Shenzhen Taiheyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taiheyuan”) is a professional agency and distributor of well-known electronic components at home and abroad. Founded in 2009, it is committed to providing a