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Giant Panda Pavilion Ticket Inspection System

On the 10th anniversary of the founding of Macau, the central government presented two giant pandas for Macau citizens to watch. In view of the preciousness of pandas, citizens must be arranged to visit pandas in an orderly and safe manner. Because traditional tickets are easy to be forged, if criminals enter the panda pavilion, it will seriously threaten the lives of the national treasure giant pandas and tourists visiting the pandas, and cause serious losses.

In December 2010, our company adopted a two-dimensional bar code with anti-counterfeiting function and a handheld data collector (PDA) to tailor the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion ticketing system for the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion, realizing the anti-counterfeiting and reservation of the Panda Pavilion tickets , Ticket checking and performance management, and ticket data tracking functions. Ensure that the process of public visits to pandas can be carried out in an orderly and safe state.

1. Solution

Use the ticket booking system and the ticket verification system as a data interface to obtain legal ticket information; use the PDA to download the ticket issuing information through WIFI. At the ticket gate, the QR code on the ticket held by the tourist is read through the PDA, which is automatically verified by the system, and the verified ticket is displayed on the PDA whether the ticket is valid, whether it is repeated, and the time of arrival of the ticket holder, whether it is early or late And upload to the ticketing system in time via WIFI.

2. Application diagram

3. System usage diagram

A. Synchronize the show times and ticket information

B. Ticket checking application diagram


CTM Warehouse Management System

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