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MES smart production management


Carry out customized secondary development according to customers' individual needs


RFID tags, smart code scanning guns and antennas are integrated and imported enterprise asset big data at the same time


VIT strengthens the intelligent hub of intelligent production and explores a new stage of unmanned production.

Smart production management​

The Xintiandi Production Management System (“VIT-MES”) is mainly developed for the production applications of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. It can help companies establish a standardized, accurate and real-time production database, and colleagues can achieve easy, standardized and detailed production operations and integration of inventory operations. Management work. Improve management efficiency, grasp real-time, accurate and comprehensive production dynamics, and effectively control the production process.


1) Optimize the production management mode of the enterprise, strengthen process management and control, and realize refined management.

2) The control system and the management system are organically combined to realize data sharing, strengthen the collaborative office ability of various departments, and improve efficiency.

3) Improve the timeliness and accuracy of production data analysis and statistics. Solve the lag of information and report data, causing enterprises to be slow to respond and unable to avoid and respond to errors in time.

4) Provide effective and standardized management support for enterprise product quality inspection.

5) Establish a standardized production management information platform, which is the information interconnection between the on-site control layer and the management within the enterprise to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

6) Enterprise managers can timely and comprehensively understand the operation of the production site.

Application benefits

Real-time understanding of production conditions, improve production management efficiency: 60%

Product production data traceability improvement: 80%

Increase production responsibility rate: 80%

Improve product quality: 22%

Reduce or eliminate data entry time: 36%

Reduce management costs: 30%

Let’s brainstorm,
for example:

Breeding tracking and traceability RFID solution

The RF|D farming traceability application management program based on the Internet of Things technology checks at various levels from feed, breeding, epidemic prevention, processing, storage, and transportation to terminal consumption. With this platform, effective monitoring, management and statistics can be achieved.

Intelligent unloading location RFID application management solution

This program mainly uses RF|D radio frequency identification technology, coupled with software and hardware equipment, to form a comprehensive application management program that integrates intelligent matching and management of unloading areas. Through RFID technology, customers can perform statistics, analysis and management on a series of information such as the vehicles in the warehouse unloading area, the use time and quantity of the unloading area, greatly improving management efficiency and accuracy, reducing management difficulties, and improving various applications and service experience

Liquor RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability application program

Distributors or retailers are equipped with anti-counterfeiting traceability terminals for merchants and customers to use. Through the RFID induction area on the Kiosk terminal, the RFID label of wine bottles can be automatically and non-contacted. The inspection results can be quickly observed, which is fast, convenient and user-friendly. The application model of the company can better establish the credit and image of merchants and enhance the trust of customers.