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Laundry Management System of Macau Peak Hospital


The clothing worn by the doctors and nurses of the Macau Peak Hospital needs to be cleaned in time every day. How to accurately distribute to the original users after cleaning is a very difficult problem to solve. Therefore, although a lot of manpower and material resources are spent on this work every day, the effect is not good.

In order to solve this problem, our company recommends RFID automatic identification technology to identify doctors and nurses with washable and high temperature resistant RFID tags. It is not easy to destroy it during the cleaning process. After the cleaning is completed, the original user information can be automatically identified, and the problems that occurred before are completely eliminated.

Now, doctors and nurses in the hospital can fully automatically realize the self-service management of clothes from collection, cleaning to collection. It not only reduces the number of staff in the laundry room, but also improves the efficiency of the entire laundry process.

One. Solution

The number of clothes that doctors and nurses in hospitals need to change and wash every day is relatively large. Waterproof and high temperature resistant RFID is used to sew on the clothes. When the changed clothes need to be washed, fixed RFID equipment can collect data. The system automatically counts the number of dirty clothes and employees. After the cleaning is completed, in the sorting process, the RFID tag can be read by a handheld RFID reader to identify the information of the employee to which it belongs, and then distributed to the corresponding employee. After the staff get the clothes, they can check whether they belong to them through the Kiosk self-service terminal.

Two, application diagram


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