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Zhuhai Airport Asset Management System

Zhuhai Airport was opened in June 1995. With the development of the company, various assets are increasing. The subsequent management work has been unable to keep up with the development of the airport. There are often problems such as difficulty in finding and tracing asset data, low efficiency in asset maintenance and inventory, and inability to share data.

In 2008, on the basis of fully understanding the needs of Zhuhai Airport, our company recommended a fixed asset management system with advanced barcode technology and fixed asset management concepts. The daily complicated business such as the purchase, borrowing, transfer, inventory, scrapping, and cleaning of fixed assets of Zhuhai Airport has been systematically managed.

After nearly 6 years of operation and uninterrupted technical support and upgrades, the system has not only strengthened the asset safety control system, but also found out the status quo. It has also realized the phenomenon that the asset accounts are consistent and the loss of assets is reduced. All assets are documented; and the asset information management system is more institutionalized and streamlined.

One. Solution

By introducing barcode recognition technology, a one-dimensional barcode is pasted for each new asset and incorporated into the system for management. Through the one-dimensional bar code of the asset, it is possible to manage the business process of the asset’s purchase, requisition, allocation, maintenance, and scrapping in Zhuhai Airport. The data generated in these business processes can also be tracked dynamically through this bar code. Using PDA to scan asset barcodes for inventory, not only reduces the probability of error, but also increases the speed of inventory.

Two, application diagram

Three, system value and benefit analysis