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Zhuhai Star City Hotel Ticket Anti-counterfeiting System


Zhuhai Star City Hotel is a boutique business hotel built according to four-star standards. It has 18 floors and a total of 202 guest rooms, with a standard room area of ​​28 square meters. With the development of the hotel, its buffets have been widely acclaimed in the society, and the customer department is also preparing to issue room vouchers to the society to give back to customers at a more favorable price. Therefore, the launch of this business encountered urgent problems:

How to quickly identify the authenticity of self-issued buffet coupons and room coupons.

How to quickly count the tickets sold.

Is there a better way to count the actual usage rate of the tickets sold in time?

Reduce the financial review workload of the financial staff, and the relevant reports do not need to be manually calculated.

After investigation in 2011, our company recommended the use of QR codes as anti-counterfeiting codes for buffet coupons and room coupons, and combined with the computer management system to solve the above-mentioned problems.

One. Solution

In view of the low cost of the two-dimensional code, combined with the anti-counterfeiting code generated after the computer management system encrypts the data, the reliability of the anti-counterfeiting is improved. Therefore, we provide an encrypted anti-counterfeiting code containing information such as ticket type and amount as the anti-counterfeiting code of Star City Hotel tickets. After printing the tickets, paste an anti-counterfeiting code for each ticket and import it in batches through the system to generate a database for the authenticity of the tickets. At the time of consumption, you only need to read the two-dimensional code through the two-dimensional code recognition device, decrypt it through the system, and check with the existing data in the database to see if the current ticket is valid. Thus, the number and amount of tickets sold and collected can also be easily counted.

Two, application diagram

Three, system application diagram

1. Batch import of anti-counterfeiting codes

2. Authenticity check

Four. System Features

The cost of anti-counterfeiting is low, and the cost of an anti-counterfeiting code is negligible.

Easy to use, combined with the system, only a scanning gun can complete the authenticity verification.

Automatic data statistics: the sales, recovery and amount of all tickets are automatically completed by the system.

Data can be traced: According to the anti-counterfeiting code, the sale time, type, amount, and use time of meal coupons can be traced.

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