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Macau Hahuan Library Management System


Librarians in Xiahuan, Macau still use manual methods to find, lend, and return books. However, with the increasing number of books in the collection, the search for books will be time-consuming and laborious. It is not possible to know the date of loan and return of books in real time. In addition, due to the increase in borrowing and returning of books, people need to be patient to eliminate the long waiting period.

Since the introduction of the RFID book management system recommended by our company, readers no longer need to queue, and simply complete the borrowing and returning operations through the self-service workstation or the front desk. The introduction of self-service has completely bid farewell to the monotonous process of borrowing and returning books in the past where the librarian was solely responsible for it. As a result, the public can better enjoy the convenient services of library access and borrowing of books.

One. Solution

Through the introduction of RFID electronic tags, RFID electronic surveillance anti-theft doors (single-channel or multi-channel), self-service lending/return workstations (with cameras), front desk/administrator workstations (multi-purpose), inventory scanning readers, and self-service book return Boxes, sorting workstations, label conversion workstations (label printers), management workstations, servers and other hardware devices, combined with high-reliability middleware software, are perfectly integrated with book management, so as to solve problems encountered in library management and realize borrowing, Self-service services such as return, shelves, and inventory.

Two. Operation process

Three, application advantages

Simplify the daily management of books

Realize 24×7 hours book return service

Realize the safety management of book volume labeling

Reduce duplication of work for library managers

Improve service level

Reduce the workload of employees

Improve the enthusiasm of managers

Achieve efficient inventory operations

Improve overall work efficiency

Realize precise management of bookshelves

With the application and development of RFID technology, continue to improve book management

RFID electronic monitoring door: monitoring the access of books

Inventory workstation: for fast inventory of books

Self-service workstation: self-service for citizens to read, lend, and return books