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Yindu Hotel Mooncake Ticket Anti-counterfeiting Application Scheme

Yindu Hotel has a huge annual sales volume of moon cakes. After the printing of moon cake tickets is completed, there are no anti-counterfeiting measures to manage them. It is easy to be forged by criminals, which will bring certain economic losses to the hotel; There is no systematic management of it, and the statistics on the sales and recovery of moon cake tickets are completely manual, resulting in low efficiency of financial statistics. In 2012, our company recommended an application platform integrating anti-counterfeiting, traceability and statistics, which not only solved the problem of forged moon cake tickets, improved the efficiency of sales and recycling statistics, but also provided consumers with a query platform for interaction with the hotel . At present, the financial and sales staff of Yindu Hotel can complete anti-counterfeiting code issuance, consumption verification, sales statistics, consumer self-service authentication and other services through the system. While improving the efficiency of financial statistics, it also enhances the image of the hotel.
One. Solution Introduce two-dimensional code and identification technology, and use two-dimensional code as the carrier of anti-counterfeiting traceability. Let the encrypted QR code as the identity of all moon cake tickets sold, and register it in the system, and use the scanning gun as the tool for authenticating the QR code for consumption, and send the read QR code to the system Decryption is performed to check whether the moon cake ticket corresponding to the QR code is legal, and can be traced back to the moon cake production date, sales date, type and other information based on this QR code. Two, application diagram Three, system application diagram A. Mooncake ticket security QR code style B. Check and trace the authenticity of moon cake tickets

CTM Warehouse Management System

Macau Telecom is a company specializing in fixed-line telephone services and broadband, mobile communications and professional solutions in Macau. The goods stored in its warehouse are mainly communication equipment and mobile terminals. It has the