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Industry experience

Provide more than 100 RFID system development and application solutions for customers in multiple industries in China
Successful cases cover intelligent transportation, warehousing logistics, furniture, industrial and automation control, and medical
Multiple industries including health, finance and services.

Sound & tight system

Cumulative service more than 3000 customers
Designated agent of international famous brands such as Zebra, Unitech, Sato, Honeywell, etc.
Perfect connection with UFIDA and Kingdee ERP system

Top professional team

Top technology and implementation team
Independent research and development of core technology
Marketing network covers Hong Kong, Macau and many provinces in mainland China


No longer just bar codes, we provide more advanced products and solutions

Zhuhai Xintiandi Technology Co., Ltd. (ZVIT) is an enterprise that provides automatic identification and AI/big data solutions. The parent company, Macau Haohan Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a priority RFID smart identification integration supplier recognized by the Macau government and “Macau Pass”. The company has provided comprehensive technical support and sales services for more than 2,000 customers in Macao, the Pearl River Delta and other regions for 17 years. It has independent intellectual property rights and has applied for more than 50 software copyrights and patents.


We provide three main items:

Committed to providing the industry’s top hardware products, solutions, and high-end customized software development

Hardware products

RFID/Barcode Printer
Wireless network and mobile handheld
Barcode scanning and collection
Customized automation equipment hardware products


RFID fixed assets
RFID smart warehouse
RFID production management
IoT solution customization

Software development

Warehouse Management System WMS
Fixed Asset Management System AMS
Production Management System MES
Traceability system


We provide flexible and diverse solutions

Internet of Things
Applications and Solutions

Warehouse RFID application management solution

VIT warehouse management adhering to the design concept of “professional, reliable, easy to learn and practical”, fully extract The successful experience of each customer, according to the different business application requirements of the enterprise, realize the warehouse Automatic identification of management data helps enterprises to manage warehouses more simply and respond more quickly to business speed. Fully equipped with functional expansion and warehousing information and automated management.

RFID asset management system

Using the most advanced and practical automatic identification technology (RFID) to collect enterprises and businesses so far
The unit’s asset data supports electronic tags as asset identification. The system is greatly improved. The work efficiency of the asset management department is effective in the use and circulation of fixed assets. Traceability and management to achieve efficient operation and management of the entire life cycle of assets.


New retail / AI new services

V I T has been paying attention to the new retail and
Business development and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence services
Program. VIT focus requires new retail with artificial intelligence
Serving the high-end market, empowering target customers
Brand showrooms, flagship stores, new retail terminals, etc.
Use scenarios, intelligent service processes, and optimized push
The key points for success in campaign execution and evaluation.

Our services are all over the country

We have served thousands of our wonderful clients all over the country and we believe you would become one of them after our collaboration.

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Above the quality level of the delivered products, the support ability of professional knowledge is OK, the quality of engineering technical data and environmental protection are complete!


Xintiandi’s customer service is highly enthusiastic; it has a good character, good morals, high self-cultivation, treats customers with integrity, actively handles various abnormalities in customer feedback, and has a high evaluation within Gree!

Zhuhai Gree Air Conditioning Purchasing Department

Xintiandi products are of good quality and customer services are the best!

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