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Self-service entrance fee system for the Black Sand Swimming Pool of the Civil Affairs Department of Macau


With the development of modern technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, more attention is paid to physical exercise. The traditional artificial sales management swimming pool model has not adapted to the modern lifestyle and is not conducive to the development of the swimming pool.

In March 2011, the company entered the field of swimming pool management and participated in the management project of the self-service charging gate system for the Black Sand Swimming Pool of the Civil Affairs Department of Macau.

Now, staff can use the system to sell tickets and monthly passes. Swimmers can not only buy tickets with cash, but also use Macau Pass to buy tickets, or they can directly use Macau Pass to swipe their cards at the gates to enter the swimming pool. At the same time, the system can manage the gate channels, count the sales and usage of tickets and monthly passes, present various reports, and provide the financial system interface of the Civil Affairs Department.

One. Solution

In view of the widespread use of Macau Pass in Macau, we will adopt Macau Pass as the main method of swimming pool charging and settlement. After fully considering the consumption habits of swimming pool consumers, we will also take into account customers who spend cash. Customers can directly hold the Macau Pass card or buy tickets with barcodes at the ticket office, and swipe the card or barcode on the gates to enter the swimming pool. It can reduce the waiting time for customers due to manual ticket checking, and can count the number of users in the swimming pool in real time, so that the management staff can arrange the opening time of the swimming pool in a reasonable and orderly manner.

Two, system application screenshots

Ticket sales application

Admission report view


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