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4S Store Smart New Marketing

Data Analysis Center

Accurate information analysis platform for customer behavior, background, preferences, habits, etc.

Reception interactive terminal

Intelligent service modules such as intelligent reception, customer interaction, process recording, etc.

Interactive Marketing and Service Management Center

Information management of cruise advertising, precise push and marketing materials, service history, etc.

4S Store Smart New Marketing

In accordance with the integration strategy of “AI+hardware+software+service”, VIT launched the intelligent marketing service plan for automobile 4S stores: committed to providing the ultimate customer experience, combined with online and offline intelligent interactive solutions for consumption scenarios, and creating a new service marketing model. Help auto 4S stores upgrade their marketing intelligence and make use of store private domain traffic.


Project goal

1. Brand influence

Improve the influence of the manufacturer’s brand

2. Customer preference

Improve 4S store marketing and service in customer preference and satisfaction

3. Management precision

Improve the on-site, service, and sales management precision and management efficiency of 4S stores

4. Accurate data tracking

Customer flow data, interaction records, analysis and tracking, return-to-store data, member conversion, member activation, etc.

5. Analysis of sales increase

Help 4S stores focus on key points of customer decision-making and sales conversion

6. Improve the operating system

Improve systematic management and reminders of operation planning, store layout, event implementation, return visit management, insurance/maintenance/repair, etc.

Program features

Real-time control of customer data, clear marketing and service management

Create a powerful customer characteristic labeling and digital labeling system, so that every sentence and every action of the customer generates value. Through the accurate data analysis platform (the following is only the analysis table), you can analyze, focus, and focus on customer data. Refined marketing services and management.

Let’s brainstorm,
for example:

Smart Fire RFID Fixed Asset Management Solution

We will integrate 13 years of accumulated experience in automatic identification applications and management, combined with advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology, into the application of the fire department, and develop a “intelligent fire RFID fixed asset management program” to assist the fire department to manage the fixed assets accurately, quickly and efficiently. assets.

Smart Airport RFID Fixed Asset Management Solution

Quickly identify and determine the location through RFID technology, radio frequency identification and intelligent search for assets, the specific location of the device can be quickly determined by the volume of sound, and the department and status of the device can be viewed intelligently and intuitively.

Liquor RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability application program

The distribution or retailer’s site is equipped with anti-counterfeiting traceability terminals for merchants and customers. The RFID label of wine bottles can be automatically and non-contacted through the RFID induction area on the Kiosk terminal to quickly observe the inspection results and establish a fast, convenient and user-friendly The application model can better establish the credit and image of the business and enhance the trust of customers.