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Gree Electric builds a digital factory


Customer background


Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is an international home appliance enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has three brands: Gree, TOSOT, and Jinghong. It is mainly engaged in household air conditioners, central air conditioners, and air energy Water heaters, mobile phones, household appliances, refrigerators and other products.

Gree Electric Co., Ltd. was approved to build the “State Key Laboratory of Energy Conservation for Air-Conditioning Equipment and System Operation”, and has two national technology research centers, including the “National Engineering Technology Research Center for Energy-saving and Environmental Refrigeration Equipment” and the “Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center” , 1 national industrial design center, built inside 10 research institutes, 1 robotics engineering technology research and development center, 52 research institutes, 727 advanced laboratories, more than 10,000 scientific research personnel, developed ultra-low temperature digital multi-connection group , High-efficiency centrifugal chiller, G-Matrik low-frequency control technology, super-efficient fixed-speed compressor, 1 Hz low-frequency control technology, a total of 18 “international leading” technology, the company has applied for 32,850 patents, and obtained 19,346 authorized patents.
It has produced 20 major categories, 400 series, and 12,700 specifications of products, which are exported to more than 160 countries and regions, with more than 300 million users.




Application requirements


For a long time, Gree factory has had problems such as difficulties in decentralization and adjustment of production orders and insufficient data collection accuracy in daily actual operations. Some important information will be lost due to manual operation between production links.

Due to the discontinuous production information, the entire factory cannot achieve high-level, real-time data-based production optimization and cannot achieve overall digital factory management.




Application implementation

In order to streamline production operations, reduce production costs, and provide customers with cost-effective products in a timely and orderly manner, Gree Factory has introduced VIT (Zhuhai Xintiandi Technology Co., Ltd.) and iData and Siemens China Research Institute jointly developed, based on “Internet of Things + MES” Gree customized the Android version of the PDA production batching and distribution system, and also introduced VIT (Zhuhai Xintiandi Technology Co., Ltd.) and iData’s Android version of the PDA to jointly monitor the flow of products in the production process in real time and improve production efficiency.
Android version PDA production batching and distribution system based on “Internet of Things + MES”.


1. The material distributor can find and deliver the required parts faster;
2. Based on real-time replenishment data, reduce the inventory of the on-line warehouse;
3. Identify and verify the components used to ensure that the manufacturing steps are in the correct order and completed smoothly;
4. Real-time monitoring and synchronization of the manufacturing process to prevent the negative impact of potential problems before they occur.
The digital factory solution based on the new generation of mobile data terminals of the Android version (VIT, iData, integrated with Dongda), mainly through event analysis and push, data processing, service subscription management, historical data storage management and several digital applications to help companies realize material status And the intelligent management of the production process, complete the real-time digital mapping of the factory production process, make production information transparent, integrated, and real-time, thereby optimizing production, reducing costs, and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.


User benefits

By using the terminal operation (VIT, iData, Dongda Integration), assist a series of work types including warehouse keeper, batcher, feeder, receiver and inspector to complete daily work, and at the same time transfer the ingredients collected by PDA, feed, Information such as receiving and inspection is synchronized to the background MES system in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of issuing work orders according to SAP and pulling animal materials in real time, effectively improving the accuracy of production, reducing the production cost of the factory, and finally achieving paperless And efficient digital factory operation mode.

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