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Grand Prix Circuit Admission Management System

The Macau Grand Prix is ​​held once a year. During the race, there are many people and vehicles entering the racing track every day. How to arrange and manage these people and vehicles and count the number of visitors, types of people (media, drivers, staff, audiences), vehicle types (MOTO, cars) is a very heavy workload. Even if a certain amount of staff is added, it is difficult to obtain better management results, which will bring negative effects to the management ability of the competition organizer.

In order to ensure the orderly development of the race, since 2013, the racing organizing committee has adopted the RFID automatic identification and admission management system provided by our company, and both personnel and vehicles use Mifare cards as the entry and exit vouchers. When entering or leaving the racing track, you must swipe your card at the entrance and exit. In this way, the system can automatically know the entry and exit status and quantity of each entrance and exit personnel, personnel types and vehicles, reducing the workload of staff, improving the management level of the organizing committee, and promoting the smooth and orderly development of the competition.

1. Solution

The Mifare card is used to identify persons and vehicles, and different numbers are used to distinguish the types of vehicles and persons. Install Mifare card readers at all exits and entrances to read the pass information of people and vehicles passing by. The system automatically counts the data of the pass area and pass type. Corresponding reports can be provided to the management staff for statistical analysis of the personnel and vehicle presence information of the race on the day.

2. Application diagram


Three, system application screenshots

A. Pass issuance

B. Real-time monitoring

c, access query statistics


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