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WMS Smart Warehouse Management


Carry out customized secondary development according to customers' individual needs


RFID tags, smart code scanning guns and antennas are integrated and imported into enterprise warehousing big data at the same time


The intelligent hub of intelligent warehousing, exploring the brand new of unmanned warehousing stage.

Smart warehouse management

VIT’s smart warehouse management adheres to the design concept of “professional , easy to learn and easy to use”, fully extracts the successful experience of each customer’s case, and provides storage, delivery, transfer, inventory, loan, and Practical automatic identification application functions such as loss and overflow completely realize the automatic identification of warehouse management cargo data, helping enterprises to make warehouse management simpler and business response faster. It not only operates as an independent system, but also can be quickly connected with other ERP systems through data interfaces, so as to realize function expansion and comprehensive information and automatic management.

System advantages

Can define storage and exit strategies

Powerful library management function

Automatic generation of accounts receivable and invoices

Visual warehouse volume model

Rich financial and operating system interfaces

System structure scalability

Powerful decision analysis support function

Application benefits

Significantly reduce labor costs for warehouse operations

Leap in speed, accuracy, accuracy and quality of inventory in the library

UFIDA’s powerful data analysis support for decision-making analysis

Achieve seamless connection from business to financial data

The loss of goods in the warehouse is minimized

System interface

VIT production management system interface

VIT order execution system interface

Yonyou ERP system

Kingdee ERP system

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relative devices

PDA data collector

ISBN printer

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Let’s brainstorm,
for example:

Liquor RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability application program

The distribution or retailer’s site is equipped with anti-counterfeiting traceability terminals for merchants and customers to use. Through the RFID induction area on the Kiosk terminal, the RFID label of wine bottles can be automatically and non-contacted. The inspection results can be quickly observed, establishing a fast, convenient and user-friendly The application model can better establish the credit and image of the business and enhance the trust of customers.

Intelligent unloading location RFID application management solution

This program mainly uses RFID radio frequency identification technology, coupled with software and hardware equipment, to form a comprehensive application management program that integrates intelligent matching and management of unloading areas. Through RFID technology, customers can conduct statistics, analysis and management of a series of information such as vehicles in the warehouse unloading area, the use time and quantity of the unloading area, greatly improving management efficiency and accuracy, reducing management difficulties, and improving various applications and service experience.

Smart hospital RFID application solution

In the medical industry, with the help of emerging RFID technology, the digital management process of hospitals can be accelerated. Each doctor, nurse, patient, as well as medical equipment and valuable drugs can be equipped with electronic tags, so as to quickly and clearly realize patient management services and medical equipment With the tracking of medicines, it can truly optimize the process to reduce costs, improve service quality, work efficiency and medical management.