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Gree Electric builds a digital factory

  1   Customer background   Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is an international home appliance enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has three brands: Gree, TOSOT, and Jinghong. It is mainly engaged in household air conditioners, central air conditioners, and air energy Water heaters, mobile phones, household appliances, refrigerators and other products. Gree Electric Co., Ltd. was approved to build the “State Key Laboratory of Energy Conservation for Air-Conditioning Equipment and System Operation”, and has two national technology research centers, including the “National Engineering Technology Research Center for Energy-saving and Environmental Refrigeration Equipment”


Yindu Hotel Mooncake Ticket Anti-counterfeiting Application Scheme

Yindu Hotel has a huge annual sales volume of moon cakes. After the printing of moon cake tickets is completed, there are no anti-counterfeiting measures to manage them. It is easy to be forged by criminals, which will bring certain economic losses to the hotel; There is no systematic management of it, and the statistics on the sales and recovery of moon cake tickets are completely manual, resulting in low efficiency of financial statistics. In 2012, our company recommended an application platform integrating anti-counterfeiting, traceability and statistics, which not only solved the problem of forged moon cake tickets, improved the


Aoshima product picking application solution

Project background   At present, in order to improve the efficiency of outbound picking, return warehousing and inventory counting of its fishing tackle sales orders, Aoshima International Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. now adopts this proposal to recommend the specific implementation content and supporting facilities of the entire project. Project goal ◆ Use the PDA to scan the barcode for the product outbound picking, return warehousing and inventory counting of the sales order. ◆ Using barcode recognition technology and ERP system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the sales order outbound picking, return warehousing and inventory counting. ◆ The interface


Self-service entrance fee system for the Black Sand Swimming Pool of the Civil Affairs Department of Macau

  With the development of modern technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, more attention is paid to physical exercise. The traditional artificial sales management swimming pool model has not adapted to the modern lifestyle and is not conducive to the development of the swimming pool. In March 2011, the company entered the field of swimming pool management and participated in the management project of the self-service charging gate system for the Black Sand Swimming Pool of the Civil Affairs Department of Macau. Now, staff can use the system to sell tickets and monthly passes. Swimmers can not


Macau Finance Bureau RFID Parking Lot Management

  App background The parking lot of the Macau Finance Bureau has 7 floors, with 19 parking spaces on each floor; the Finance Bureau can drive about 500 employees to work. When parking resources are in short supply, parking management methods are not in place, resulting in frequent occurrences of difficult parking, vacant parking, and management difficulties at the same time, which affects the normal commuting time of employees in the bureau. Solution Through the introduction of RFID automatic identification technology, combined with the system, the correct use of parking spaces can be monitored. The number and location of parked


Taiheyuan Warehouse Management Application

Project Background Shenzhen Taiheyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taiheyuan”) is a professional agency and distributor of well-known electronic components at home and abroad. Founded in 2009, it is committed to providing a full range of high-quality supporting services for the majority of electronic product manufacturers. . The agent products include: capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits and other series of electronic components, and its products are widely used in: communications products, digital products, home appliances, automotive electronics, computers and peripheral equipment and other fields. Taiheyuan has been adhering to the corporate tenet of “Building oneself and


Zhuhai Star City Hotel Ticket Anti-counterfeiting System

  Zhuhai Star City Hotel is a boutique business hotel built according to four-star standards. It has 18 floors and a total of 202 guest rooms, with a standard room area of ​​28 square meters. With the development of the hotel, its buffets have been widely acclaimed in the society, and the customer department is also preparing to issue room vouchers to the society to give back to customers at a more favorable price. Therefore, the launch of this business encountered urgent problems: How to quickly identify the authenticity of self-issued buffet coupons and room coupons. How to quickly count


Macau Hahuan Library Management System

  Librarians in Xiahuan, Macau still use manual methods to find, lend, and return books. However, with the increasing number of books in the collection, the search for books will be time-consuming and laborious. It is not possible to know the date of loan and return of books in real time. In addition, due to the increase in borrowing and returning of books, people need to be patient to eliminate the long waiting period. Since the introduction of the RFID book management system recommended by our company, readers no longer need to queue, and simply complete the borrowing and returning


Giant Panda Pavilion Ticket Inspection System

On the 10th anniversary of the founding of Macau, the central government presented two giant pandas for Macau citizens to watch. In view of the preciousness of pandas, citizens must be arranged to visit pandas in an orderly and safe manner. Because traditional tickets are easy to be forged, if criminals enter the panda pavilion, it will seriously threaten the lives of the national treasure giant pandas and tourists visiting the pandas, and cause serious losses. In December 2010, our company adopted a two-dimensional bar code with anti-counterfeiting function and a handheld data collector (PDA) to tailor the Macau Giant


Grand Prix Circuit Admission Management System

The Macau Grand Prix is ​​held once a year. During the race, there are many people and vehicles entering the racing track every day. How to arrange and manage these people and vehicles and count the number of visitors, types of people (media, drivers, staff, audiences), vehicle types (MOTO, cars) is a very heavy workload. Even if a certain amount of staff is added, it is difficult to obtain better management results, which will bring negative effects to the management ability of the competition organizer. In order to ensure the orderly development of the race, since 2013, the racing organizing


Automatic sign-in system for the election of the chief executive of Macau

  In 2009, we provided RFID solutions for the automatic admission and sign-in management of members of the Macau Chief Executive. When a member of Parliament walks to the entrance of the election venue, the RFID device automatically senses the member’s work card. If it is a member who has the right to vote, the identity of the member will be displayed on the LED screen, and relevant information will be broadcasted in the hall broadcast, and a lady of manners will come out to greet. The system has been highly praised by the Macau SAR government. It not only


Laundry Management System of Macau Peak Hospital

  The clothing worn by the doctors and nurses of the Macau Peak Hospital needs to be cleaned in time every day. How to accurately distribute to the original users after cleaning is a very difficult problem to solve. Therefore, although a lot of manpower and material resources are spent on this work every day, the effect is not good. In order to solve this problem, our company recommends RFID automatic identification technology to identify doctors and nurses with washable and high temperature resistant RFID tags. It is not easy to destroy it during the cleaning process. After the cleaning


Zhuhai Airport Asset Management System

Zhuhai Airport was opened in June 1995. With the development of the company, various assets are increasing. The subsequent management work has been unable to keep up with the development of the airport. There are often problems such as difficulty in finding and tracing asset data, low efficiency in asset maintenance and inventory, and inability to share data. In 2008, on the basis of fully understanding the needs of Zhuhai Airport, our company recommended a fixed asset management system with advanced barcode technology and fixed asset management concepts. The daily complicated business such as the purchase, borrowing, transfer, inventory, scrapping,


University of Macau Asset Management System

  The University of Macau has campuses in both mainland Macau and Hengqin, Zhuhai. The two campuses have a large variety of teaching equipment, computers, and books, and they are widely distributed. This has caused the tracking, auditing, and inventory management of these physical objects to be seriously lagging behind. The growing needs of the school. In 2014, after the person in charge of the school’s asset management raised the above questions, our company recommended a fixed asset management system with cross-regional, large data capacity, support for barcode and RFID identification and other characteristics. From June 2014 to present, the


CTM Warehouse Management System

Macau Telecom is a company specializing in fixed-line telephone services and broadband, mobile communications and professional solutions in Macau. The goods stored in its warehouse are mainly communication equipment and mobile terminals. It has the characteristics of high equipment value and fast circulation speed. In order to increase the speed of warehouse entry and exit, and improve the accuracy of data processing, our company recommended in June 2014 that it adopt barcodes and handheld devices (PDAs) to collect data of incoming and outgoing goods to improve the work efficiency and efficiency of warehouse managers. Data accuracy rate. Warehouse management personnel


Macau Dashengli RFID Warehouse Management System

  Tai Shengli Department Store Co., Ltd. is the largest department store operating company in Macau. The quantity of goods received and dispatched in its warehouse is very large, and the manpower and material resources spent on goods registration, verification, and statistics are considerable. How to improve the efficiency of warehouse goods receipt and delivery and reduce the labor cost of business processing needs to be taken seriously by managers. When receiving goods every day, Dashengli Department Store takes the board as the unit. When the goods arrive at the warehouse entry and exit points, workers will count the types


Nanguang Group Frozen Warehouse Management System

  The frozen warehouse of Macau Nanguang Group Gufeng Distribution Company is Macau’s largest frozen meat product processing and distribution company. It has two large warehouses; there are more than 1,000 varieties of goods and more than 30,000 items in inventory. The warehouse is used to store various frozen meats, such as various imported lamb, beef, chicken, etc. After Gufeng Distribution Company receives customer orders on its ERP, it will ship from the warehouse according to the orders. Before the system was put on the system, the warehouse adopted the traditional management mode, and all actions such as receiving, shipping,